supply of ship spare parts for DIESEL ENGINE, AIR COMPRESSOR, AIR CONDITION, PUMP, PURIFIER and TURBOCHARGER. The products mainly cover piston, cylinder cover, cylinder liner, water jacket, exhaust valve, oil pipe, hydraulic pipe, indicator valve, safety valve, stuffing box and other diesel engine spare parts for MAN B&W, SULZER, PIELSTICK, WARTSILA, YANMAR, DAIHATSUI, CUMMINS, CHINESE BRAND ENGINE and etc. APS supply genuine and OEM parts from license manufacturers and subcontractors, having most of the products completed with approval from classifications such as LRS, GL, DNV, ABS and CCS. Meanwhile, APS is fully capable of providing repair and reconditioning services for marine diesel engine, turbocharger and other marine machinery.

With the continuous development of our business in these years, our company has now developed an extensive inventory of superior quality spare parts in order to meet the market requirement and keep the safety stock for urgent use by immediate shipment. We own workshop of 4000 square meter and keep stock of CYLINDER LINER, CYLINDER HEAD, PISTON CROWN, PISTON SKIRT and COOLING JACKET.

In August 2007, the Company introduced the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, which is certified by DNV Register. The Company also applies the ERP system for operation processes, and sets up large customer databases and spare parts databases, which improve the response speed and service quality, and reduces management costs, thus making the Company more competitive. With more than ten years of experience in the market of marine spare parts, the Company will continue to focus on the service quality and provide cost effective products and speedy services for all traders, ship owners, and ship management companies.

Company Profile

Asia Pacific Ship Supply Limited (APS) is specialized in supplying value-added products and services in the world shipping market. Since the foundation of our company in the early year 2006 we have been the exclusive window outward for our own factory and cooperating factories. We have also established firmly and maintained close relationship with many engine manufacturers and subsidiary factories.

Asia Pacific Ship Supply Limited (APS) has always been focused on the 

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